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Gathering and Processing

Keyera gathers and processes raw natural gas, providing an essential service for our customers.

Natural gas from producers' wells is transported to our gathering pipelines for delivery to our processing plants, where impurities are removed and economically viable products are separated from the raw gas stream. With an extensive network of over 4,000 kilometres of pipelines and 18 natural gas processing plants located in some of the most prospective, gas prone areas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, we can offer flexible services tailored to producer needs. Many of our plants are able to process both sweet and sour gas and extract valuable natural gas liquids from the raw gas stream.

Gas Plant (1) 







Capacity (4)(5)


2018 Average Daily

Throughput (4)(5) 












 Brazeau River(8)





 Nordegg River(8)










 West Pembina(9)





 Brazeau North





 Pembina North

























 Minnehik Buck Lake















Alder Flats (10)





Zeta Creek





Willisden Green 










1. Keyera is the operator of all the gas plants listed except Edson, which is operated by Repsol Canada Energy Partnership and Alder Flats (formally known as “O’Chiese Nees-Ohpawganu’ck”), which is operated by Bellatrix.  Keyera also has a 36% ownership interest in the Gregg Lake-Obed Pipeline system, a 129-km sour gas pipeline system operated by SemCAMS that originates in the Hinton area and connects to the SemCAMS Kaybob 3 gas plant.  Keyera is also the sole owner of the Caribou gas plant which was not active in 2018 (operation suspended since December 2015).

2. Ownership interest as at December 31, 2018 rounded to the nearest whole number.

3. Turnaround cycles are typically six years for sweet gas plants and four years for sour gas plants.

4. Information in these columns: (a) is presented as at December 31, 2018; (b) represents total gross capacity and throughput (not only Keyera’s net capacity); and (c) has been rounded to the nearest whole number. The average annual daily throughput is calculated based on the total annual throughput for the facility divided by 365 days.

5. Actual available processing capacity at each plant is often less than the licensed capacity depending on a number of factors, including the capacity of various functional units, operating conditions and gas composition.  The difference between licensed capacity and actual operating capacity may be more significant where plant operating conditions or actual gas compositions differ significantly from original plant or equipment design.  At Ricinus, while the licensed capacity is 221 MMcf/d, one of the NGL processing trains, with a capacity of approximately 97 MMcf/d, is not currently operational. (See “Risk Factors – Operational Risks”).

6. TE – turbo expansion, LO – lean oil recovery, RFG – refrigeration.  In the past, modifications to the refrigeration systems have been completed at the Brazeau River, Nordegg River and Pembina North gas plants to enhance recoveries.

7. R – NGL rail handling facilities, T – NGL truck handling facilities.  The rail handling facilities at the Gilby gas plant are not currently operating.

8. Acid gas from Nordegg River is delivered to the Brazeau River gas plant for acid gas injection.

9. The West Pembina gas plant has been re-licensed as a 1 tonne/day sour gas plant, however because of declining sour gas volumes, the sour side of the plant was shut down in January 2016 and the plant is currently only processing sweet volumes. During 2017, Keyera increased its working interest in the West Pembina plant by 4.9085%.

10.The reference to 70% reflects Keyera’s working interest in the Alder Flats plant and associated gathering pipelines as a result of the acquisition of an incremental interest in these functional units in 2016.  Keyera did not increase its working interest ownership in the associated fuel gas line in connection with the 2016 acquisition, therefore its overall working ownership interest across all functional units covered under the CO&O is approximately 64%.

11. As of June 2018, the Strachan gas plant was re-licensed as a 1 tonne/day sour gas plant. The gas sweetening, sulphur recovery and sulphur forming units were intentionally shut down during a turnaround and the plant is only processing sweet gas.