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Our Facilities

The assets that comprise Keyera’s Gathering and Processing Business Unit are almost all located atop world-class, multi-zone geology. Keyera's extensive gathering pipeline systems, over 5,000 kilometres in length, help to capture raw gas. The Western Canada Sedimentary Basin will continue to be a key source of natural gas and NGLs into the distant future. The core area of the Basin, specifically west of the Fifth Meridian, is where most of Keyera’s facilities are located and has many liquids-rich zones with much exploration and development to come. In recent years, horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing techniques have unlocked significant reserves that will need to be gathered and processed.

The majority of Keyera’s Infrastructure assets are located in, or connected to, the Edmonton/Fort Saskatchewan area of central Alberta, one of four key energy hubs in North America.

Click on the map below for more information about our facilities and infrastructure.