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Our Products

Propane is used primarily for industrial and residential heating. Because demand for heating fuel is higher in winter months, we utilize Keyera’s underground storage caverns to accumulate inventory over the warmer months and meet demand in the colder months.  

Butane is used primarily as a feedstock for iso-octane production and as an additive to gasoline in the winter. Butane is also used in crude oil blending.

Iso-octane is a low vapour pressure, high octane gasoline blending component. Keyera’s Alberta EnviroFuels (AEF) facility uses butane as the primary feedstock to produce iso-octane. As a result, AEF’s business creates positive synergies with Keyera’s Marketing business.  

Condensate is desirable as a feedstock for refineries but is becoming more valuable in Alberta to aid in the transportation of bitumen by pipeline from the oil sands to upgrading facilities. As bitumen production has grown, so has the demand for condensate, outpacing local supply. As a result, we also import condensate from the United States to meet the increased demand.

Crude oil midstream operations use Keyera facilities, including crude oil batteries and terminals, to process, transport and sell crude oil.

Sulphur is a yellow mineral extracted from sour gas. Sulphur is a raw material used in the manufacture of fertilizers, plastics and pharmaceuticals.



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