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Health and Safety

Keyera is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of the public and the people who work at our facilities. We have a highly skilled workforce and provide ongoing training to maintain the skills and understanding necessary for a safe and healthy work environment. Keyera’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy sets an expectation that everyone must share in the responsibility to work safely and responsibly, while meeting or exceeding all laws and regulations. To this end, everyone at Keyera must:

  • include safety as a part of all business decisions;
  • identify hazards and take action to address any unsafe conditions, and take steps to protect the health and safety of workers and the public; and
  • report any situation that has or may result in an unsafe action, condition or loss and take action to correct or address the situation.  

We regularly review our safety performance, conduct safety audits and share experiences and best practices within our organization and with others in industry.  We continually evaluate and improve policies and operating practices, taking into account changes in laws and regulations, technology developments, industry standards and the operational needs of our facilities.   

We also have formal incident reporting processes, which allows us to, among other things, identify and track incidents, follow up with the right corrective actions and share our learnings. We have also developed and continue to maintain detailed emergency response plans at each of our facilities. Keyera conducts simulated emergencies to train employees and test the effectiveness of the plans. Where appropriate, we carry out investigations to understand factors that might cause or contribute to incidents and seek to learn from our experiences in order to prevent the occurrence or recurrence of an incident.



Photo: Employee at Keyera's Rimbey gas plant