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Keyera's Super Hero!

Jennifer Lamb rappel's down
Sunlife Tower
Keyera's Super Hero! 

Imagine backing up to a ledge 375 feet above the ground.  You are hanging slightly over the edge.  Your only security is a rope attached to you and the building you are standing on.  A stranger is asking you to back up and “trust him”.  A 375 foot rappel down the side of the building is the challenge, but the biggest obstacle is fear.   And so with a tense body, a racing heart and sweaty palms you trust this stranger and lower yourself over the edge. 

On September 8, 2010, Jennifer Lamb, a paralegal and joint interest analyst at Keyera, did just that.  With a crowd of supportive colleagues, friends and family cheering her on, Jennifer lowered herself over the edge of the Sunlife Tower, home of Keyera’s Calgary office, and successfully rappelled down the building unassisted and with a smile.   Keyera is extremely proud of Jennifer for conquering her fear of heights to help raise money for Easter Seals and Camp Horizon as part of their “Drop Zone” fundraiser event. 

Jennifer raised money for months leading up to the Easter Seals Drop and her donations contributed to the $180,000 that was raised for Easter Seals and Camp Horizon.  Easter Seals and Camp Horizon enable kids and adults with disabilities to partake in activities and fun programs that would not otherwise be possible. 

Jennifer’s enthusiasm and can-do attitude is an inspiration for all of us and is another great example of how Keyera’s employees give back to our communities.

For more information on Easter Seals and Camp Horizon please go to