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Business Conduct

Keyera is committed to conducting business ethically and legally.  Directors, officers, employees, contractors and consultants are expected not only to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, but also to avoid situations where their personal interests could conflict or appear to conflict with their duties and responsibilities to Keyera and its affiliates.   

The Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Business Conduct which applies to all directors, officers, employees and contractors of Keyera.  In support of the Code, Keyera has approved business conduct policies covering various matters, including but not limited to ethics, disclosure, insider trading and conflicts of interest, and has adopted a number of specific procedures and guidelines to facilitate compliance with the Code and these various policies.   

In addition, the Board of Directors has established a whistleblower hotline to provide a forum for employees, officers, contractors and consultants who have reason to believe that something may have been done illegally or contrary to Keyera policy to report these concerns to a neutral third party on a confidential basis for investigation.  Quarterly reports from the whistleblower hotline are provided to the Audit Committee.